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C++ Developer


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Position manager:

Kateryna Y

Kateryna Yyurchuk

HR, Brainstack


+38 (063) 580 82 44


[email protected]



Brainstack_ is a fast-growing product company that develops high-tech solutions for customers in more than 100 countries. Armed with the latest technologies and a young ambitious team, we strive to be the best in what we do. We strongly believe that the personal growth and self-development of every team member is one of the pillars of a successful business strategy. That’s why we are ready to provide all the tools and support necessary for your professional journey.
Here, there’s no room for bureaucracy or micromanagement — each team can create its own ecosystem that’ll ensure max productivity and perfect teamwork.

Brainstack_ is a place where you grow together with the company.

Become a part of Brainstack_ Development Team and embark on a new professional journey!

By joining our team, you will:
— Work with an international market-leading B2C product.
— Deal with complex and interesting tasks that will help you to not only show off yourself as a skilled developer but also let you be involved in architecture development.
— Use the latest top-shelf development stack.
— Have the freedom to share your ideas and implement them into the work process.

Now we are looking for an experienced Desktop Developer to join the Product Team.

— Version (11/14/17/20)
— Lambdas, templates, constexpr, auto/decltype
— Standard library
Collections (vector/list, map/multimap, set/multiset, etc)
Algorithms (finding, sorting, map/reduce/transform, etc)
— Concurrency (multi-threading, locks, atomics, concepts)
— Parallelism (concepts, algorithms)
— Memory management (custom allocators), PMR (from c++17)
— Cross-platform experience
— Debug skills, crashdump analysis

— Configuration (manual build, static/dynamic, deploy, using with cmake)
— Components
Core (event handling, slots/signals, collections, properties)
Qml (Quick 1/2, complex layouts, performance optimization, animations, custom components qml/cpp, effects)
Network (TCP/UDP, HTTP(S))
Concurrent (basic knowledge)
Sql (commong understanding)

— Protocols: TCP/UDP, HTTP/S
— Native implementation
— Libraries
— High-Level stuff: REST, JSON API, etc`

— Support and development of desktop products
— Creation of new solutions
— Cross-platform product support for different OS versions

We offer:
— Possibility to be part of the creative environment and make your input to it.
— Variety of social and professional activities.
— Friendly and warm culture.
— PE employment.
— 18 days of vacation paid per year.
— Medical insurance.
— Documented sick days paid.
— 3 non-documented sick days paid.
— Breakfasts/fruit/yummies in the kitchen.

Feel free to contact me for more information
— email —[email protected]