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Brainstack_ is a Ukrainian multi product IT company that develops cross-platform applications and services.

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9 years

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10 M+

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Effective team

Brainstack_ has gathered a team of young, ambitious professionals who work together on incredible products. We are looking for people who love technologies and understand how to create them. In turn, we provide you with everything you may need to develop quality software.

Our products

Some of our products have already become known worldwide and we are catching up with the new ones. Openness is one of our biggest assets. In Brainstack_ there is always room for your ideas.

Customers worldwide

Our products are available in the USA, Europe, Central, and South America. Now we are expanding into Asia. We operate in more than 200 countries. You will work with customers from all around the world, gaining new experiences every day.

Big and small perks

You give us your time, ideas, and energy. In return, we provide you with a competitive salary, 18 days of vacation a year, comfortable office, food & drinks, and corporate parties.

Corporate culture

We strongly believe that people are the company's most important asset, so we value every member of our team and encourage them to grow professionally, challenge each other and think out of the box.

Inspiring development process

There are no limits. Feel free to choose in which direction you want to develop. We hire only professionals so we trust your vision and we encourage you to apply your knowledge and experience in our company.

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Our Team

Everyone in our team is...


ready to make decisions quickly and effectively


keeps promises and honors commitments

Positive thinker

cheerful and optimistic

Result oriented

focused on the outcome


able to solve problems in a quick and smart way


ready to take charge and do things independently

It’s about people

Development of great products is a teamwork: no matter which position you occupy, every task, every pixel, every code line makes a difference.

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Tech stack

We create our solutions with:


  • PHP8, Symfony6
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • RabbitMQ
  • Kubernetes
  • Microservices


  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • NodeJS
  • React
  • Mobx
  • Redux Toolkit with Saga
  • UiKit Framework


  • Swift
  • UiKit
  • SwiftUI


  • Android SDK, Jetpack
  • Kotlin
  • Firebase services Multi-module architecture
  • Coroutines/RxJava
  • Flutter
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We also provide our team with:

18 days of paid
20 days of paid
sick leave
3 paid undocumented
sick days

Brainstack_ is a place where you grow together with the company.

Each team can create its own ecosystem to ensure maximum productivity and perfect teamwork.

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